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Weekly updates

Posted: August 27, 2009 in General

In an attempt to better organize my thoughts, I’m going to blog every thurs or fri. I’m hoping to really focus on leaks and common pitfalls in regards to my life and career.

Two weeks ago I found myself sitting around contemplating my next move. See once again the WSOP beat me up and in turn left me w/o a pot to piss in. Oddly I never lose much during the series(last year I made about 10k, this year lost about 10k), but the 45 days spent of constant play leaves me burnt out generally taking most of July and Aug. off. For most this wouldn’t be an issue, but for me this is incredibly difficult. See I’ve never been one to play w/in my means, in all honestly since the start of my poker career I’ve never been properly rolled for the stake I was playing. Now is no different, but that is another blog in itself…

Anyway,¬†two weeks ago I found myself staring at 30k online makeup(built up gradually from a years worth of Sundays and lack luster effort) as well as a shortage of life money. Tough situation that I am far too familiar with. My choices are to either grind 2/5 with life money or to try to get outta online makeup w/some scores. Considering that I’ve stayed a float through live play, I went that route. Combine a -$1200 first session with the start of the FTOPS and I was led in another direction.

As I’ve put in a bigger volume online I only have concluded one certainty: Reducing variance is key to over coming strong play. The way I’ve come to do that is by always attempting to stay ahead of the curve and play a manner in which “the field” as a whole considers unorthodox or even weak/bad. 3 years ago when I had a relative amt. of MTT success I noticed myself to not just be the most aggro player at the table, but aggro to the point where I came off as a drunken, reckless idiot…and it worked. Why? Because “the field” was accustom to TAG, TP, and LP play…but no one really knew how to deal w/maniacal play. Fast forward 3 years and in general the field plays an avg. to strong LAG, TAG style. I’ve stopped trying to play the same, w/fewer mistakes than the next guy, no one plays perfectly and its foolish to attempt to…it’s just not as profitable as counter punching w/an exploitive strategy unique to the naked eye.

That being said I started grinding early last week sometime. I quickly had some deep sweats in the $100r, $320 100k on stars, $320 90k on ftp, $150r, as well as FTOPS main closing none of them…However, my hard work finally paid off in the Ante up for Africa FTOPS. I won a ridiculously large pot to give me an early CL w/4k people left and somehow I managed to hang on to it down to 3 handed. I took 2nd for ~$31k my biggest score to date. admittedly I surprised myself at overcoming that makeup so quickly but even more so at the week I’ve had since, including winning the 35k and 40k sunday and monday respectively. It’s nice to put some theories to the test and have success be the result.

By no means do I really enjoy the daily grind of MTTs, nor would I really consider myself a tournament expert. But, I’m really trying hard this time to play w/in my means and build a BR that can sustain the live stakes I wish to play on a consistant basis. If it means subjecting myself to the daily online grind for a while, the so be it. I never want to limit my poker career to being a specialist, so I’ll gladly take success in any fashion. It’s all a means to an end…

On a lighter note we finally got a replacement pedal for Rock Band so can’t really see a reason as to why we wouldn’t make a music video…

For those interested…
Results for past 11 days:
170 mtts 23 cashes 14 Fts 2 wins +~$55k


Life Update

Posted: August 11, 2009 in General
Since busting the Main Event most of my priorities have been put on the back burner for one reason or another. I’ve played less than 5 sessions and haven’t booked a winner since mid June. I’ve all but quit my baseball teams as I constantly struggle w/trying to compromise sunday poker w/playing ball as well as performing mediocre at best due to never throwing during the week. I announced my retirement from pickup hoops only to make a less than triumphant return last week. Needless to say my life is def. upside down at the moment, but it’s not exactly in shambles.

Most of July was spent w/very close friends. My best friend came to visit for 8 days and I couldn’t have had more fun. He got blacked out one night w/some brod he met on the plane and by the time I found him he was locked outside the Luxor in the pool area screaming “That bitch is crazy” at the top of his lungs. Checked out Kid Cudi and Asher Roth that same week. One of my boys from baseball hooked us up w/VIP and bottles. Surprisingly Asher Roth and B.O.B. killed it…Kid Cudi was less than impressive. Also less than impressive was how fucking wasted my friends got. It ended up being an early night due to that fact.

Immediately after my boy left town my roomies brian, brandon, and Bhanks as well as Cking all took a last-minute RV trip to Tahoe. I free rolled the trip in exchange for driving the 500 miles each way in this 32 ft bus…

Easily proved to be the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Overall the trip was great. I will never again make that drive in a RV, but I will definitely be returning to Tahoe again soon.

This week has been a solid start to getting back into my old routines. I’m 4 weeks into my second round of P90X and I’m pretty excited w/the results. Either this weekend or next monday I plan to have my body fat measured and am extremely curious of the results. I was about 9% in college when I was in my best shape which I don’t anticipate being near now(considering I’m not avg. 15 miles on the track a week these days and am about 8 lbs heavier) but I am hoping to be ~13%. I also dunked clean for the first time since my Jr. year of college. I seem to be getting up pretty easy w/the exception of the occasional shin splint in my left leg. Hopefully I can get to the point of throwing down consistently given that I shoot about 15% otherwise…

With life mostly on track hopefully poker will quickly follow. I admit I’ve spent very little time thinking about the game and even less playing it which saddens me. I win because I work very hard on my game. I’m worried that this time away will prove to be more than just a minor set back. I just don’t really have the funds to work out the kinks and get the rust off. This is the first in 5 years where you can walk into my house of consisting of poker players and not really hear the game being spoken of. Regardless it is time to get back on the horse. I either sink or swim, either result is more productive than sitting back watching myself go broke.

I’ll leave you w/a little dose of Hanks regulating the pool area…